Growing Australia's

Finest Citrus, Olive and Ornamental Trees

Murray Valley Nurseries is a wholesale nursery specialising in citrus, olive and ornamental trees of the highest quality, and have been for three generations now. We have been growing hundreds of varieties from seedlings since 1960, selling to nurseries and growers from both metropolitan and regional centres.

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Most of the Orange trees available from our nursery for planting in the Murray Valley originate from budlines that have been proven for production, quality and late holding. 

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These fruits have not been grown commercially in Australia although there is some interest in them for the fresh fruit market, and one or two small plantings are being tried.

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A wide range of varieties are available covering a maturity period from late April through to November. For commercial use, the number is limited to four or five major varieties which still cover this period. 

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Lisbon & Eureka - Lemons in general hold very well on the tree, so for home gardeners either lemon is suitable and can give year-round supplies.

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